Cancer Protocols

Our cancer protocol requires you to consume 30 bottles of the 2,000mg 30ml over the course of 3 months as fast as possible for a total cost for 3 months to be $48,000 pesos / $2,550.72 American dollars / $3,324.43 Canadian dollars to kill most cancers. Once your three months of dosing is complete you should see a doctor to check the status of your cancer remediation. Regrettably all cancers are not alike and some may take up to 240 grams of FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) to eliminate. Once all cancer cells have been eliminated it is highly recommended to continue a preventative regiment of 1 bottle a month (using either the 1,250mg or 1,500mg oils) to keep the cancer cells from forming again. Due to the fact that research has only recently been approved for this amazing plant these products are not currently FDA approved. Although we have provided you with a collection of information on the benefits of this plant here, as well as on our learning group in Facebook it is not necessary to take our word for it we encourage you to do your own research on the benefits of this plant and the oils extracted from it. We are confident that you will not find a higher quality product out there containing high THC and low CBD.

Cancer Protocol

Cancer Protocol



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