I have been using the 1000 mg drops for just over 3 weeks. I have had 3 back surgeries and have chronic lower back pain. The oil has not cured my back but I have been able to get off most of my pain medications including opiates. I also feel better mentally and less anxious than before. For me this oil is a marvel.

Jack Moreau

I would like to share with everyone how well the Omodiol drops have been working for me. I am constantly plagued with back pains due to an injury and being large chested. I do not use any of the medications that doctors have prescribed me for pain because my stomach is too sensitive to the majority of them. Since February 1st, when I started taking these drops, I have found that I am able to sleep at night, due to the ability to get comfortable in bed. In turn, I am able to get a good nights sleep and have more energy in the morning, and just have an overall better attitude during the day. My metabolism has jumped sky high and without knowing how have started to drop weight. My sweet tooth has been significantly curbed as well. This is after just a month and a half of taking the drops daily. I have to say, I am TRULY blessed to have met Paul and stand behind this product 100%. I have been telling my friends and family about this product and letting them try some if they want. I was recently able to have a friend try some and she likes it so much, I got her a bottle of her own. I owe a huge thanks to Paul for all the information he has provided me and the time he has taken out of his schedule to educate me on the benefits of cannabinoid use, specifically these Omodiol drops!!

My daughter was vaccine injured as a baby and we have countered so many of the issues she suffered, but one has stayed with her. The skin on her hands and feet doesn't grow well and she has problems with the nerves endings. This makes it hard to grasp things with her hands and she has to wear only certain socks and shoes so her feet aren't in pain. We have spent thousands of dollars on remedies over the last 11 years and this lotion and oil are the only things that have given her relief. Not only do her hands and feet work better without pain, but the sandpaper that covers both hands and feet turns into actual skin when she uses it. She is so amazed and delighted and we are so grateful to have found it!

Shannon Boyd

I have had pain in my neck since I hurt it playing football in high school. I started taking the 1,000mg drops and after just 2 days of use I noticed a massive difference.  After 16 years of pain I can finally turn my head with out having to brace for the pain ahead of time. I love these oils.

Jonathan Smithers